Monday, January 30, 2012


A year ago,this crazy special girl who i thought could never exist appeared infront of me and both of us got together but finally we ended up like this.
Like any couple,we started as strangers,when i was chasing her,i always wanted to know more about her,all i wanted is to hang out with her,the only person i wanted to talk to is her,she was the no.1 priority.the girl i was so crazy about turned out to be someone not so special anymore,it happened so gradually that i dont see it coming and i dont even remember what we were arguing about and finally we broke off.
This is where both of us start our new path back to where we started,strangers.
Changes happened so drastically that sometimes i had the urge to get back together to restore to whats normal but i knew it cant happen.i kept it to myself.
Although we try to forget the past and remain friends but it wouldnt be the same anymore.sometimes i even questioned myself,did this relationship happened before or it was just a dream?i dont know...
That stranger that was once the most important person in my life is now gone..but no matter what happens,life still goes on,
Even if life separates us and in different place,i would always remember the past of this period of time and i'll be thankful for you being through my life and i hope that wherever she is,she would also be thankful and thats the best i could wish for..i really hope she could find someone better than me because i knew i was a jerk..i hurt her too much and i couldnt bear with it,so i think its best for us to end it cos i dont want to see her suffer anymore..hope you have a better life..goodbye

Take care

Sunday, March 13, 2011

a year to remember

Well, this year is definitely a year to remember..its going to decide which path im going to take after major kinda stress me out abit but when you got to know that there are so many friends and your loves one who is always there to care and listen to your ease the stress a little..well, for me, its the encouragement and advice that gives me the drive to study..
studies are meant for the future and not for exams..i can't deny that the certificate that we're going to get is not important but how much do we utilize the amount knowledge that we are receiving now..i think its really minimal but it gives you the basic understanding and a platform for you to further ur studies and courier but when it comes to the working world,experience,social skills and the way you carry yourself is the most essential thing to survive in the realistic world..the stronger ones will always dominate the weaker do your very best to stay as the fittest..i think i've been crapping too much..hahah
those who know me well,will definitely know that im person who loves to that kinda person thats willing to travel and pay for food as long as they're nice and tasty..but recently i went to this restaurant,it is run by the *term that i always use to call them*(san kai) not gona mention names here but if you wana know,just come up to me and i'll tell u straight..i had the worst eating experience in my entire life in this goes on something like this..i went to this restaurant with my family,its kinda full so we decide to ask the waiter to find us a seat..guess what he answered us..

me:can u get us a place?
waiter: oh,its not my problem,if u see any available seat then just go occupy it
me: =.=

alright, finally i got a place and so we decided to order our food..but none of them came to us but the restaurant got more waiter than the customers...i was literally i whispered to myself,service is bad,perhaps the food is good...but it didn't turn up so well either..all their food..yes i said ALL THEIR FOOD is covered with the same i really didnt noe wat was i do not get fooled by the amount of customer they get..they're food aren't so tasty after all..and there is this app that i think i should recommend to all smart phone is the foursquare app...well there are pros and cons about this app but i think its worth to use if you like to enables the person to 'check in" this certain place you visited and you are able to see the comments left by the people who visited this i find it really helpful when it comes to choosing restaurant...thats all for tonight=)

take care

Thursday, December 23, 2010

end of the year

wow,this year passed really a blink of eye,its already the end of december..perhaps i wasted 5 months waiting for my spm results and my driving licence..well my spm results is nt really good but it sure did secure me a seat in the bio class..i chose this path..a path not taken by the majority....many people says its tough and a waste of time but i see it in another perspective...its been a fun year for me although its just a short 6 months but i can already feel the friendship bond that i had with my friends in school..we really care for each other and will always be there for each other when one has a problem..the syllabus really kills but i believe the more challenge you face,the better you are after you overcome it..haha
Not to forget to mention about my the other half who added so many colours into my life this year..her name..lee wei wen..we met in school during the orientation day..our first meeting didnt really gave the love at first sight feeling and i wasnt really aware of her presence that time but as time pass by..i got to know her more..she is a fun,happy and beautiful lady...i got so mesmerize with her and finally i proposed to her..hahahaaha..aiya..dont want to say anymore lar..shy shy lar dei..hahaha
its been awhile since i catch up with my old its time for a yam cha session friends
andrian,keenan,jeremy,geoffrey,voon hoe,sanjay,wei zhong,xue kun,zheng yue

Friday, September 24, 2010

arrrr....the 80s and 90s

have been listening to some oldies from the 80s and 90s and realized they are so good..nothing much but suggest you to check out some of these:

steven curtis chapman-cinderella
michael buble: home(personal favourite)
ronan keating:if tomorrow never comes
brian mcknight: back at one
michelle wright: the greatest gift of all
oliver james: half-life

there are many more thats nice but just cant remember the names..haha..enjoy
and wait for our next song..its coming out

take care

Monday, September 20, 2010

ζˆ‘ε›žζ₯δΊ†!!(means im back)..haha..since its a boring evening..i shall have a little sharing of the beautiful soul i've met ever since i joined form spice up a little bit boring

andrian: i've met you since form 3..still remember what we used to call you? have been a very good friend and i really appreciate all that you have done for me..although we had some quarrel at times..but i guess it was too increase our affinity?haha..cheers bro..

adrian: hey,even though we just met each other for a few months,i guess we are good friends now..haha..teach me some maths lar..

ming rui: beloved sister~~~once again you are back to the forest..guess thats your nid to talk so much about you..coz you noe how much i love you..hehe

wei wen:can you stop zha-ing me? will be boring if you do so..*gives you the look*..u noe what i am talking about...

esther: ahhh...i miss all the love quotes we used to share with each other..are you gonna send me any?

audrey:dreeee...haha..i enjoy the times when we have you around when the conversation gets dull..and you will be coming in the crowd and say dei!!!ur one awesome human being i've ever met..seriously

tze quan: awww...the college girl..haha..i didn't expect to meet you at DUMC and when i met you're like some orang gila coming to me and hug me..but the hug touched my heart and i was again reminded that i must cherish the friendship you and i have..

oon hui: never got the chance to tell you this..haha..u're actually cute^^ the god..u make me look dumb..haha..just joking..your smile just made me float in the sweet right..

aaron: yo beatboxer..overrr~...haha..we didn't really talk much but hey you are the man..lets get to noe each other more

wai yip: da lame...haha..funny lar bro..get more lame jokes for us

kelvin lee aka lee chun yeet aka pigmaker: my beloved dai are there for me thru thick and thin,i help u,u help me and thats the way its gonna be..right?..haha..

debbie: hey hey hey apple!! u are really cute..omg!!! are so freaking friendly..and i shall consider you as my close friend..haha..

and many more ppl lar..but too lazy to write..maybe next time..

take care

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a song for you

well this song was written long ago..the work of ARK...keenan,me,andrian and chunyeet..we have a couple more song but this was the most popular among people i i would like to share our hard work with you guys..

and if you guys need the lyrics..y dun you come up to us and ask us..we might have a live singing performance for you on the spot..haha

take care

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

day 1

After much badgering from adrian, i decided to update my blog...nothing much to talk about but i guess i'll just touch about the camp.The camp was a 5 days 4 night camp held at Universiti Putra Malaysia(UPM), they called it Miracle Youth first i don't even know what camp is this but i joined anyway.We gather in school at 10th june...i guess i am the earliest there since no one was around.I waited for some time then adrian,soo yin and ming rui showed not Alone!!Later on,they all finally reached.
We took some pictures before we board the van.We talked and sang during the journey and without noticing it,we reached our destination.Adrian was previously assigned to sleep with an unknown person,so we requested to be in the same room and we got it.Finally, both of us went to our room to check it out and we got the shock of our life.The room is worse than ns's dorm.
After settling down,we met up with the girls and walked around the hostel.We then move to the plenary hall and stunned to see some crazy people dancing around the hall and oh..they are welcoming us..haha..they gave us some introduction about the conference and proceeded with the ice breaking session.Our first day was kinda fun..they have this station game which involve splashing water and the umbrella..and we all got wet after everything.Finally we got into our hostel and slept...zzzzzzzz